Friday, 6 April 2012

Tasteless Knitwear For A Hot Water Bottle

Apologies if you came by to read this earlier and found a blank post. Blogger and I are having some... issues... I ask it to schedule something, it schedules it and then promptly moves it to drafts rather than publishing it. Or, when I try and get it to post, deletes the whole thing. Grr...

Anyway, some times ago when I was last ill and my husband had been sent out On A Mission for things like tissues and cold & flu tablets, he also returned with An Unfeasibly Large Hot Water Bottle. It's marvellous. The old one had sprung a leak having survived 10 years of duty as well as the noble service of warming my feet while in labour, and it gave up the ghost.

The positive thing about the replacement Unfeasibly Large Hot Water Bottle is that, being Unfeasibly Large, it stays warm for ever. Or a long time, anyway. The negative thing is that no standard sized hot water bottle cover had been built to take the job on.

Armed with my newfound ability to knit, I adjusted an easy pattern I found in a book (thank you, ability to use ratios) and have knitted an Unfeasibly Large Cover to go over it. Did I march in and cry "Bring me the most tasteless wool in the shop?" I hear you wonder. And how will I ever manage to sleep over the noise of the colour scheme? Time will tell...

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