Tuesday, 1 November 2011


 I'm not really a fan of 'awareness months', because for anyone who has ever lost anyone to cancer knows, when someone appears gaily on some form of social network going "Hey! Cancer! Are you aware?!", I tend to find myself thinking, Gee, I had momentarily forgotten the loss of my loved one. Thanks for the reminder!

On the other hand, awareness months do give you the excuse to do something silly and ask people to give you money for it. And then, hopefully, one day we can all stop charging round reminding people that their family members/friends/colleagues are dead.
So, by the end of the month I rather hope my husband will be sporting something that looks a little like this:

He and his colleagues are raising money for 'Men's Health', as it is coyly known, by growing hopefully large and luxuriant moustaches.

If you would like to join help with the money-raising, click here. Thanks :)


  1. I'm fairly worried given that in your last post you told us that he worked with women...are they growing large and luxuriant moustaches?

  2. Heee, Nic! Well...

    No, it's ok - there are other offices in the college! Although if you look at the Central Beds college team bit on his page, a number are women on the team. Maybe hormones tablets? Or is that too much dedication for The Cause?