Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Sloe, Sloe, Quick-Quick...

A playdate fell through this week, so I decided to spend the time I would have been drinking tea on another beverage... sloe gin.

I have tried in the past for fruit liquers, although this is my first foray into sloes. I have a friend who is able to produce marvellous, toothsome, fruity beverages; my efforts usually have the tang of raw ethanol with a hint of fruit.

Still, this doesn't put me off. Armed with a recipe I got from the internet, I went a-foraging in the hedgerows and emerged with a small bag of sloes.

Day One


150g sloes
75g caster sugar
35cl gin

  • Prick sloes with a pin
  • Put sloes, sugar and gin in sterilised jar.
  • Shake jar, then place in babyproof cupboard.
  • Wait.

It'll take ages for anything to happen, I thought. Like the whole thing is going to go purple overnight? P'ctha!

Day Two - The whole thing went purple overnight.

Still got to wait until Christmas to drink it, though...


  1. Well, if that was our playdate that fell through, I thoroughly approve of your alternative use of the time. If you really want the result to be fabulous though, leave it till long past Christmas. It's hard to resist, but 6 months or thereabouts makes for a much better beverage; even longer if you can bear it.

  2. It was indeed you, but I do now have sloe gin coming. I'll give it a little taste around Christmas and see if it's worth keeping going...